1. SCOOTER-ATTACK DYNO BATTLE, 4th Stop Rollershop Frankfurt

    04.08.2010 16:00:32

    Category: Scene

    Today I’ve found a DVD in my mail box with lots of pics taken during the Dyno Battle stop at the “Rollershop” in Frankfurt. Thanks very much, Julie! Here are some great pictures I’d like to share with all of you. Munir

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  2. Pictures DSSC/SBO Hengelo

    04.08.2010 11:12:40

    Category: Racing

    hengelo.jpgOn Sunday after my visit to Wackersdorf, I travelled on to the beautiful Netherlands. There, the DSSC met the Dutch SBO, which meant exciting fights and surges of adrenalin. The atmosphere between German and Dutch racing enthusiasts was very relaxed and friendly, although they were of course teasing each other. A report in great detail will be printed in the October edition of our great sprint magazine. Hoodini read the rest >

  3. Stage6 R/T Facebook Competition

    14.06.2010 09:56:18

    Category: Tuningnews

    smallpic_stage6_facebook.jpgStage6 R/T 70 cylinder for 0€?

    This is your last chance! Visit the Stage6 Development fan page, register by 15.06.2010 to have the chance to win a Stage6 R/T 70cc cylinder! read the rest >

  4. Cylinder Kit and Exhaust “Polini BIG EVOLUTION”

    09.06.2010 10:36:02

    Category: Technik

    smallpic_polini_bigevolution.jpgCylinder Big Evolution
    The new Polini cylinder kits Big Evolution for Minarelli and Piaggio engines will be available in three capacity classes. read the rest >

  5. 3. DSSC Run 2010 in Neuss

    09.06.2010 09:29:52

    Category: Scene


    Here are the pics from the 3rd DSSC run in Neuss. Great event, even though the races had to be stopped at 4 pm due to a downpour. A report about the whole event and further pics will be shown in the next edition of the German Streetbuzz print mag.

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  6. 24 Hours on the Harz-Ring 2010

    19.04.2010 14:38:20

    Category: Racing

    smallpic_harzring2010.jpgThis year again, the 24 Hours race on the Harz-Ring will take place – the only race of its kind for two-wheelers throughout Germany. And as you have already seen in the videos on our YouTube channel, there will be more than enough action! read the rest >

  7. Application for the Scooter-Customshow 2010 Now Possible!

    04.02.2010 16:13:14

    Category: Scene


    From now on, you can register to exhibit your scoot at the international scooter customshow! The registration period ends on 4 April 2010 and the show will then take place in the E-Werk in Saarbrücken on 17 April. More information and the registration form are available at the Website of the International Scooter-Customshow 2010!

  8. Made in China: The Voting!

    03.02.2010 13:51:55

    Category: Scene

    You can choose the colour of the scooter that we are modifying for the “Made in China” series in the print mag. We have designed three looks and you simply choose the one you like best. We will later on enhance the design using stickers … but the basic design will be the one you are choosing here. You have the chance to cast your vote until 21 February! read the rest >

  9. New Internal Rotor Ignition Made by MVT

    03.02.2010 13:13:04

    Category: Tuningnews

    smallpic_mvt-zuendung_212.jpgFrench tuning parts manufacturer MVT will soon offer a new premium internal rotor ignition for high-end engines. It has been released for up to 22,000 RPM and is the only internal rotor ignition to offer a connection for electric water pumps with up to 12V/60W. As usual for MVT, this ignition also has a digital ignition curve. read the rest >

  10. Video: Scooter-Champ – Clutch Crash!

    02.02.2010 11:53:46

    Category: Videos

    smallpic_scooterchamp2004-cvt-crash.jpgIn 2004, Japanese scooter-tuning magazine Scooter-Champ published a series of pictures showing a crash experiment with a CVT. After having removed the stops, they hid behind a wooden board and revved up the engine, waiting for the clutch bell to give up and blow off together with the variator cover. Scooter-Attack have liked this so much that they have tried to get the video ever since. Now, 6 years after, they have finally succeeded: Scooter-Champ have handed over the video to Scooter-Attack! Check it out! read the rest >

  11. Streetbuzz Mag #6 – Girly Special!

    28.01.2010 11:05:48

    Category: Videos

    Available on 1 February!
    More about the content: Streetbuzz Mag #6 – Girly Special

  12. Preview: Streetbuzz Mag #6 - Girly Special!

    21.01.2010 12:57:59

    Category: PrintMedia


    We just can’t resist – we just have to show you a preview that will make your mouth water. It’s like this: While you have been spending Christmas with your loved ones and then done your best to get pissed as a newt on New Year’s Eve, we have used the time for something more worthwile and have engaged in some juicy, sensational journalism. The result? Can be seen on 1 February in form of 132 pages plus HUGE poster. As you can already see from the cover, we have decided to take a closer look at the female tuning community. And everyone who knows us will also know that we don’t do things by halves.

  13. Scooter-Attack January Discount!

    19.01.2010 12:17:14

    Category: Scene


    Only in January at Scooter-Attack: an amazing 12% discount on all Malossi products and all Stage6 cylinder kits (except the R/T kits)! Click here to go directly to the shop. read the rest >

  14. Custom Feature in the Japanese Scooter-Champ

    19.01.2010 12:00:12

    Category: PrintMedia

    smallpic_scooter-champ-2010.jpgThe Japanese scooter-tuning magazine “Scooter-Champ” includes a feature in its first 2010 edition about numerous European custom and racing scoots. We have scanned some pages for you to download: read the rest >

  15. The First New BCD Opticparts for 2010

    07.01.2010 11:54:42

    Category: Tuningnews

    smallpic_bcd-new-parts.jpgFrench optic parts manufacturer BCD has presented the first new parts for 2010! For MBK Booster and Yamaha BWs since 2004, there are now handlebar clamps and downhill handlebars available in white/black or chrome coated, also brake levers in the New Style with sporty/aggressive style. Furthermore there are new F1 PRO mirrors to be had, which come in a rather rounded-off and dynamic appearance. Of course we can also show you some pictures of the new parts: read the rest >